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Preschool Wonder Walk: Every Bird Needs a Nest

VanDusen Botanical Garden 5251 Oak St, Vancouver

This Preschool Wonder Walk will take a close look at bird nests & discover how they're made. On our Garden walk, we'll look and listen for nesting birds, and explore the life cycle of a bird from cozy egg, to chirping hatchling, to the day they finally stretch their wings and fly! We'll read together, play together and create a take-home art activity.


Endangered BC Birds: Talk and Walk

VanDusen Guides Classroom 5151 Oak St, Vancouver

Rémi Torrenta of Birds Canada delivers this in-person 'birdinar'. You will discover some of the most endangered, secretive and fascinating bird species that we strive to better understand, and that breed right here in British Columbia.

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