The Stanley Park Ecology Society and the Vancouver Bird Advisory Committee are pleased to offer the Alan Duncan Bird Conservation Award. The award was established to help encourage local bird conservation initiatives through the arts and sciences including critical research on resident, migratory and over-wintering bird species. Presented annually, the award celebrates individuals, groups or organizations that are leading the way in bird conservation within our region.

Alan had a long career as the Vancouver Park Board’s first Environmental Planner and retired in 2020. His passion and dedication to bird conservation could be seen throughout his career. Alan was an active member of the Vancouver Bird Advisory Committee and championed a wide range of bird conservation efforts in our region including the Vancouver Bird Strategy established in 2015, World Migratory Bird Day celebrations and, since 2010, Greater Vancouver Bird Celebration to raise awareness of and appreciation for birds in the city and its environs.

About the Award

The award will celebrate the achievements of individuals, groups or organizations based on the following criteria that embody Alan’s work and values:

  1. Contributing to Bird Conservation
  2. Interdisciplinary in Nature
  3. Strong Community Connections

The winner will receive a cash prize of $1500, be recognized through different media including social media and our website, and will have the opportunity to speak about their work during the Greater Vancouver Bird Celebration.

The winner will be selected by a subcommittee of the Vancouver Bird Advisory Committee.

Please note that you must be located in British Columbia to participate.

Important Dates

March 2024 – Call for nominations open

April 14 2024 – Deadline for nominations

May 1 2024 – Alan Duncan winner announced


2023 – Kevin Bell

Kevin is a lifelong birder with a long list of accomplishments in bird conservation within the Greater Vancouver region. As a retired nature educator and as a current board member of the Wild Bird Trust of BC. Kevin’s proudest achievement is his role in the dedication of the Maplewood Flats as a conservation area.

2022 – Adam Dhalla

Adam is the creator of Find the Birds,  a free, educational, mobile game about birds & conservation. It’s being played by thousands in BC, across Canada, and in 46 other countries. He’s presenting an abstract he wrote about the game’s positive impact, based on a player survey he conducted, at the 2022 International Ornithological Congress: 98% of respondents said the game increased their appreciation & understanding of birds, more than 80% said it increased their knowledge of conservation techniques & many reported volunteering with community projects after playing it. Adam has hosted presentations about the game for many organizations across North America, including the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, Tucson Audubon, Science World, Environment for the Americas & New Jersey Audubon.

2021 – Carmen Rosen

Founding Artistic Director of Still Moon Arts Society. Carmen’s work as an artist focusses on protecting and restoring the habitat in Renfrew Ravine and Still Creek Watershed. Carmen was actively engaged with artists to put together the Birds, Birds, Birds! Project that lasted two years featuring community-engaged bird centred art workshops across the city and the province, including Birds in Residence at the West End Community Centre and Birds on Parade for the 2018 International Ornithological Congress.

Donate to the Fund

Your gift to the Alan Duncan Bird Conservation Fund will help make a positive difference for the many bird species impacted by urbanization in southern British Columbia and along the Pacific Coast.