We’re excited to announce the winner of this year’s Alan Duncan Bird Conservation Award, Kevin Bell!

The Alan Duncan award is given annually to honor contributions to local bird conservation through the arts and sciences, celebrating individuals, groups or organizations that are leading the way in bird conservation within the Greater Vancouver region.

Kevin Bell’s lifetime dedication to bird conservation is apparent in his long list of achievements. Kevin has led countless nature walks, bird surveys, and habitat enhancement projects across the Lower Mainland. Over his career he has served as an Nature Educator and Parks Manager with the District of North Vancouver’s Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre, and Department of Natural Parkland. He has served as President of several local bird conservation organizations including Nature Vancouver, Western Canada Wilderness Committee, and the BC Field Ornithologists. He currently serves as a director with the Wild Bird Trust of BC.

Kevin’s proudest achievement is his role in the dedication of the Maplewood Flats as a conservation area. Kevin, alongside fellow birdwatcher Stamatis Zogaris, led the campaign to protect the flats from industrial expansion from it’s beginning in the early 1980s. Kevin stayed involved with the flat’s establishment in the early 1990s, and has stayed involved with conservation in the flats even today through his involvement with wild the Wild Bird Trust of BC.

On behalf of the Vancouver Bird Celebration Advisory Committee, and Stanley Park Ecology Society, we would like to invite you all to join us in congratulating Kevin for his exemplary achievements in Bird Conservation.