Common Name

Rock Pigeon

Species Name

Columba livia


30-36 cm length | 50-67 cm wingspan | 265-380 g weight 

Rock pigeons are plump birds with small heads and short legs. Their colour is variable, but most are bluish gray with two black bars on the wings and whitish rump. Most have iridescent throat feathers. Wing patterns can include two bars, dark spots, or can be plain. Rock Pigeons with red plumage may be more common in the southwestern United States than in northern and eastern areas.  

Habitat / Behaviour

Omnivores | Lives in Towns | Year-round in Vancouver | Lives 3-5 years 

Pigeons are flocking birds which will walk or run on the ground, pecking for food. They are familiar birds in cities and towns, but they can also be seen in farmlands, fields, and rocky cliffs. They eat seeds, fruits, and some earthworms or insects. They also readily eat food left by people, including breadcrumbs and littered food. 


Monogamous for life | Building nester | 1-3 white eggs | 1-6 broods per year 

Males choose a nesting site then sit in place and coo to attract a mate. The site is a nook, cranny, or ledge on either cliffs or manmade structures. Pigeons reuse their nests many times, and overtime their feces helps the nest grow into a sturdy, pot-like mound. 

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