Common Name

Anna’s Hummingbird

Species Name

Calypte anna

©2007 Don Enright


10-11 cm length | 3 cm wingspan | 3-6 gm weight

A medium-sized hummingbird with a long, straight, thin bill, narrow, pointed wings and a thin tail that is slightly forked in males.

The male has an iridescent bronze-green back, green belly and flanks, grey chest and brilliant crimson-pink throat and crown. The female has a green crown and less colouring on the throat. Juveniles look similar in appearance to females.

Habitat / Behaviour

Nectivore | Woodlands, Gardens | Lives 3-12 years

Nectivore: an animal whose diet consists mostly of flower nectar.

Lives in open-wooded, lightly forested or shrubby areas and mountain meadows.

While the majority of their diet is nectar, they will also take insects that they catch in flight and may occasionally feed on tree sap.


Monogamous | woven cup-shaped nest | 2 white eggs | 2-3 sets of young per year

The female builds the nest on her own using very small twigs, lichen and moss. She lines it with downy feathers or animal hair and uses cobwebs to tie it all together. Nests average the size of a toonie, with eggs resembling tic-tacs.

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